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I bring two years of experience in the field developing serious games, kids games on various platforms. I have hands-on experience in story development, game mechanics, game balancing and troubleshooting program issues.

My degree from Entertainment Arts and Engineering provided me with the foundation to develop a wide variety of games through rapid prototyping, game design, gameplay programming, and level design. During my time at university, I worked as an intern at the Gapp lab which provided me with the knowledge and practical skills to put my creative game ideas into practice. Working along with doctors and creating medical/serious games amazed me with the amount of impact that games can create. I also learned how to work as part of a creative team and produce quality finished products for end-users by working on a project with a team size of 13 and publishing a game on the PS4.

The following are my work experiences:
- Two years of experience as a Gameplay Programmer/Designer in developing Augmented reality games at Tiered World Studios.
- One year of experience as a Gameplay Programmer in developing games for Virtual and Augmented reality technologies at the Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab.
- Worked on an experimental game for Playstation.
- One year of experience as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture.
- One year of experience as a Graphic and Web design.

The following are my major skills:
Programming: C++, C#, Lua.
Game Engines: Unity, Unreal, MonoGame.
Tools: Visual Studio, Git, SVN, JIRA, Adobe Photoshop.
Specialties: Game Development, Gameplay Programming, VR/AR Development, Agile Software Methodology, Level Design.

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Gameplay Programmer/Designer / Nov 2017 - Present
Tiered World Studios

  • Work collaboratively with game developers to find feasible, low-impact ways to improve the fun and flow of an app throughout development.
  • Drafted game design documents, wireframes, storyboards and prototypes.
  • Used unity analytics to identify game events and improve the gameplay interaction.
  • Communicating with the production and artists to make sure the design goals are met.
  • Lead and participated in playtests and design reviews.
  • Traveled occasionally to observe in-classroom playtests with school kids.
  • Work with team leadership to establish production roadmaps for prototypes, products and the development team itself.
  • Built an AR interaction system along with AR Core and AR Kit integration.
  • Worked on the programming activity where kids are taught conditional programming.
  • Worked on animation controller and animation events.
  • Worked on the transition from start to end for the game.
  • Localized manager for handling multiple languages through JSON.

Gameplay Programmer / Jan 2016 - May 2017

  • Culling Volumes: Optimized the game so that there are no frame rate issues.
  • Object Interaction: Provided an indication or feedback to the player that he/she can interact with an object. using object outline method where a certain object will have a white outline when its intractable.
  • Pick Up Interaction: Implemented a mechanic where the player can freely move on object by holding down a button.
  • Final Steps: Programmed stairs where the stairs build as the player is walking.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bugs where sometimes when the object is interacted the object goes out of screen space in inspector mode. Fixed bug where the ray cast from camera is having an offset compared to the pointer.
  • Reduced Zoom Delay: Fixed the bug where the zoom out is related to the amount of time zoom in is held.
  • Profiling: Identified what was causing frame rate issues and checked if there are any script errors.
  • TRC Document: Went through the TRC document to check if there are any requirements that needed to be done so that the game can be published on the PS4.

Gameplay Programmer / May 2016 - May 2017
University of Utah GApp Lab

  • I developed medical(therapeutic) games and apps at the GApp Lab using cutting edge technology like Microsoft HoloLens (AR).
  • Programmed animation controller and photo capture for AR game on Microsoft Hololens.
  • Provided technical support for The meaning of Screening; Deployed server, managed databases.
  • Programmed animation controller ,UI across network for AR game on Microsoft Hololens.

Logistics Coordinator / August 2016 - May 2017
Indian Students Association @ UTAH

  • Responsible for organizing events.
  • Designed posters.
  • Helped new students in making a successful transition.

SAP Security Consultant / December 2012 - April 2014

  • Used Internal ticketing tools for solving issues. Solved 489 tickets in 3 months
  • User interaction on a daily basis to help, understand and solve issues.
  • Helped in training new team members by knowledge sharing and providing hands on experience projects.
  • Prepared documents for the ease of use processing.


University of Utah / August 2015 - May 2017

Osmania University / June 2008 - May 2012





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