Sid Vangala





I am a Game Designer /Programmer interested in creating unique gameplay mechanics, innovative VR/AR experiences and love playing video games, obviously. (After all, it is research!).

I’ve spent the past two years developing games and working on my thesis game as a graduate student in the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program at the University of Utah. During my time at the university I was working part time at the Gapp Lab, which brings game development and medicine together. During my time there, we’ve created VR and AR applications for medical purposes.

After graduating I started working on different AR/VR projects as they are the future of gaming, and I can’t wait to play a bigger part in it.

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Gameplay Programmer / Jan 2016 - May 2017

  • Culling Volumes: Optimized the game so that there are no frame rate issues.
  • Object Interaction: Provided an indication or feedback to the player that he/she can interact with an object. using object outline method where a certain object will have a white outline when its intractable.
  • Pick Up Interaction: Implemented a mechanic where the player can freely move on object by holding down a button.
  • Final Steps: Programmed stairs where the stairs build as the player is walking.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bugs where sometimes when the object is interacted the object goes out of screen space in inspector mode. Fixed bug where the ray cast from camera is having an offset compared to the pointer.
  • Reduced Zoom Delay: Fixed the bug where the zoom out is related to the amount of time zoom in is held.
  • Profiling: Identified what was causing frame rate issues and checked if there are any script errors.
  • TRC Document: Went through the TRC document to check if there are any requirements that needed to be done so that the game can be published on the PS4.

Gameplay Programmer / May 2016 - May 2017
University of Utah GApp Lab

  • I developed medical(therapeutic) games and apps at the GApp Lab using cutting edge technology like Microsoft HoloLens (AR).
  • Programmed animation controller and photo capture for AR game on Microsoft Hololens.
  • Provided technical support for The meaning of Screening; Deployed server, managed databases.
  • Programmed animation controller ,UI across network for AR game on Microsoft Hololens.

Logistics Coordinator / August 2016 - May 2017
Indian Students Association @ UTAH

  • Responsible for organizing events.
  • Designed posters.
  • Helped new students in making a successful transition.

SAP Security Consultant / December 2012 - April 2014

  • Used Internal ticketing tools for solving issues. Solved 489 tickets in 3 months
  • User interaction on a daily basis to help, understand and solve issues.
  • Helped in training new team members by knowledge sharing and providing hands on experience projects.
  • Prepared documents for the ease of use processing.


University of Utah / August 2015 - May 2017

Osmania University / June 2008 - May 2012





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